Vol 11 – 20


Vol 11   1925-1926
Vol 12   1926-1927
Vol 13   1927-1928
Vol 14   1928-1929
Vol 15   1929-1930
Vol 16   1930-1931
Vol 17   1931-1932
Vol 18   1932-1933
Vol 19    1933-1934
Vol 20   1934-1935

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Major events in United States history during this period:

1927 Charles Lindbergh makes the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight in his plane The Spirit of St. Louis (May 20–21).
1929 Herbert Hoover is inaugurated as the 31st president (March 4). Stock market crash precipitates the Great Depression (Oct. 29).
1931 The Star-Spangled Banner is adopted as the national anthem (March 3).
1932 Hattie Wyatt Caraway of Arkansas is the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate, to fill a vacancy caused by the death of her husband (Jan. 12). She is reelected in 1932 and 1938. Amelia Earhart completes first solo nonstop transatlantic flight by a woman (May 21).
1933 Twentieth Amendment to the Constitution, sometimes called the “Lame Duck Amendment,” is ratified, moving the president’s inauguration date from March 4 to Jan. 20 (Jan. 23). Franklin Roosevelt is inaugurated as the 32nd president (March 4). New Deal recovery measures are enacted by Congress (March 9–June 16). Twenty-First Amendment to the Constitution is ratified, repealing Prohibition (Dec. 5).
1935 Works Progress Administration is established (April 8). Social Security Act is passed (Aug. 14). Bureau of Investigation (established 1908) becomes the Federal Bureau of Investigation under J. Edgar Hoover